State of the Art: Foot and Ankle Surgery
Dear Colleagues,

It is my sincere pleasure to invite you to Geneva on October 4-6, 2018 for the upcoming 12th EFAS International Congress! As EFAS bi-annual event, the 12th EFAS International Congress is a leading platform for professionals of all disciplines dealing with foot and ankle surgery and research in Europe facilitating exchange of expertise and collaboration in academia and healthcare. This year’s theme - the State of the Art Foot and Ankle Surgery - serves to illustrate the latest scientific and clinical findings presented by the prominent international specialists in the foot and ankle community.
This year EFAS is especially honoured to have two established international scientific foot and ankle societies - SFAS (Swiss Foot and Ankle Society) and KFAS (Korean Foot and Ankle Society) - joining us to share their expertise in innovative approaches in foot and ankle pathologies and treatments.
Besides the excellent scientific and social program of the Congress, I am also delighted to invite you to Geneva - a vibrant international city, located in the heart of Europe, offering iconic tourist attractions, as well as a well-connected international transportation network and high-end accommodation.
With key success elements in place, I am proud to state that 12th EFAS International Congress promises to be a highly stimulating scientific event for all specialists in foot and ankle medicine: surgeons, medical doctors, scientists, pedicurists, physical therapists, orthosis and shoemakers, and industry.

I once again warmly invite all friends and partners of EFAS to join us in Geneva and look forward to our fruitful collaboration!

Marino Delmi
EFAS President


European Foot and Ankle Society (EFAS) aims to promote the development of foot and ankle surgery and to advance education, study and research in this specialty. EFAS meets its goal of advancement of the science and education in foot and ankle pathology, conservative and surgical treatment, offering practicing physicians, residents and fellows instructional courses, seminars and symposia, international congresses as well as close collaboration and team learning programs to other medical and selected paramedical disciplines.

The scientific programme for the 12th EFAS International Congress has been co-ordinated by the EFAS Scientific Committee in close collaboration with EFAS Council.

EFAS Scientific Committee members:

  • CHAIR: Dishan Singh
  • Marino Delmi
  • Antonio Dalmau
  • Johannes Hamel
  • Manuel Monteagudo
  • Eduard Rabat
  • David Redfern
  • Alexandre Rochwerger
  • Francesca Vannini
  • Fabrian Krause
  • Angelique Witteveen
  • Yves Tourne


Contact EFAS Secretariat at:
280, Boulevard du Souverain
B-1160 Brussels
+32 (0)2 740 22 21

For congress related queries, please contact us at EFASEVENTS[at]mci-group.com

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